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inland sea.

Alternatively Gorbea Natural Park are the swamps, you can refresh them and enjoy a wide variety of leisure activities:

Albina reservoir

Ideal for canoeing in calm waters.

Urrunaga reservoir

In the Urrunaga reservoir, you can enjoy pleasant walks near to the dam where nautical sports are carried out in summer. At its edges, there are two leisure areas: Sorgimendi, a leisure area with tables, fountains, a beach and trees; and Zabalain, a park in a wooded area with tables and barbecues.

Ullibarri-Gamboa reservoir

Ullibarri-Gamboa is the place to go for sports and leisure activities such as fishing, canoeing, walking... At its shore, you can find the Nautical Club of Vitoria, and in Landa there is a leisure area adapted for swimming.


Albina: Legutio

Urrunaga: Legutio




Bea Murgia Square

01130 Murgia

Tel. 945 43 04 40



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