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Route through Orozko (PR-BI-34)


We left the Zubiaur square on the road, in the direction of the Ibarra neighborhood. At a crossroads to the right we will enter the neighborhood of Beraza. After crossing it, we will find another crossroads where we will turn right towards the Garai agrotourism. On the left he goes to the hermitage of San Miguel de Mugarra, where we will go down to the back.

After the agrotourism, at the first crossroads, we take a cement track to the left that immediately starts to ascend. At the top of this, before descending, we turn right introducing ourselves by a stone track.

We will not leave this track until within two kilometers, where in a flat area there is a track on the left, which starts with sand. This will take us to the hill of Ubizear, making us pass through the upper part of the valley where the Altube river and the highway run, with unbeatable views over this and Santa Marina. Above we have the possibility, at a junction with a track on the left, to go to the summit of Lobantzu.

Inside the Natural Park of Gorbeia, in the hill of Ubizear, we find a directional pole that tells us that we have made our ascent through the path of Lobantzu, and now we will descend towards Sendegi and Beraza, by a track that is on the left of the climb. But first, we can take advantage of the beech forest on the right, or go up in front of the Kurtzegan, where we will see the entire Orozko valley and an exceptional view over the Itzina massif, or climbing the track, heading to the top of the Kolometa following the red and white marks that we will now follow to go down to Zubiaur.

Without leaving this main track, we will go to a road that ascends to the Sendegi district, and descending we will arrive at the hermitage of San Miguel de Mugarraga, place where we have the only source of this route. About 300 meters further down we have the junction towards the agrotourism, where we have ascended. From here we will return on our first steps, to the Zubiaur square.


11,5 KM

3 hours and 30 min

600 m


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