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Gorbeia Route from Murua

Murua - Gonga - Arroiano - Gorbeia 

One of the routes to trek the top of Gorbeia is the one that starts in the town of Murua. It begins on a forest track that starts at the Parrachi car park, located next to the road that leads to the recreational area of ​​Las Canteras.

A few meters from the beginning, we will take the path to the right at a fork, which ascends already among beautiful centennial oaks.

20 minutes from the start of the march we crossed a barrier, from which the landscape changes completely to an area of ​​meadows and heathland. On the ascent the track reaches a landing in Baltzolaga and continues through an area known as Gonga. From here and in a half hour we connect with the track of Zarate.

We are already in full continuous rise, where we must be attentive to a cross located in an area of ​​beech. Here we will take the road on the left that will lead us to the Pagazuri's mailbox and the top of Arroiano until finally reaching the top of Gorbeia.


16,2 KM

5 hours

846 m


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