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Legutio Route

Goikoerrota - Larragoien - Etxepare - Goikoerrota

From Legutio, take the road in the direction of Aramaio, to follow the indications to the Albina Dam, whose crossing is located at the exit of the village on the right. At the first fork that is after crossing the Bostibaieta river, the car is left to continue on foot.

Take the track on the left crossing a Canadian pass to continue to the next junction where you continue to the right, along a path that ascends between red oak to the water tanks. Follow the main road leaving left and right what seem to be blurred roads that actually correspond to old trenches. Continue through the forest until you reach another junction where you leave the path that goes to the left.

About 100 meters from this junction there is a path to the left, and practically opposite another to the right. The latter leads to the cave of Capi, located about 260 meters. The tour continues along the path on the left, which goes into a juvenile grove to later give way to a beech forest.

The path that later becomes a path leads to the Larragoien Campaign. In the field, turn left, leaving an ascending path to the left that leads to Monte Albertia and continue along a path that goes into the beech woods in a northerly direction.

At the next junction, leave the path on the left to reach a fountain known as Etxepare. From the source, follow the main road for 425m, to leave it and continue on the left for another road whose start is not very marked. At about 700m from this junction, another one joins it on the left.

Continue north-west until you reach a clearing where there is a restored quarry on the left. The path goes back into the woods until you reach the next junction, located about 1400m from the quarry, where you continue in the same direction but on the track on the right.

After passing the Albina dam, the track leads us without loss to the junction where we started the ascent to the water tanks and from there retracing the path at the beginning.


8,2 KM

4 hours and 50 min

240 m


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