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Route through Arratzua - Ubarrundia

Arroiabe - Las Balsamicas - Santa Cruz - Arroiabe

The itinerary starts at the Plaza Mayor de Arroiabe. When leaving it, with your back to the bowling alley, turn left and take Uritxitia street. On the outskirts of the town, take the path on the left that goes between farms to get into the forest. The route known as Las Balsámicas continues straight on. A few meters away there is a junction. Continue along the path of greater importance leaving two roads that go to the right. We continue until we reach a crossroads, where two roads are left and three to the right.

At the next junction, take the one on the left that passes near a drinking fountain, from where you can see the dam of the Comunidad de Regantes Noryeste. Leave a path to the left and another path to the right, to follow the most marked path until you reach a closure, with a door, which is on the border with Vitoria-Gasteiz, marked with a landmark. The path joins a path that is abandoned about 138 meters, when it begins to descend, taking a path to the right that goes up to lead us to Alto Santa Cruz.

With your back to the geodesic vertex and looking at the island of Zuhatza, you descend through a steep path, whose beginning is confused with the green of the vegetation. This path joins a path that leads to the road that goes to Nanclares de Gamboa. We cross that road, and we connect with the Green Route of the Ullíbarri-Gamboa reservoir, through which we continue until reaching the height of a closure that is left to the right. You pass a wooden door on the right and follow the old road that leads to the Aldayeta Yacht Club. Take the access road to these facilities, to connect with the road that goes to Nanclares de Gamboa, coming into contact again with the Green Route.

After about 80 meters, take the path to the right, which is abandoned as soon as you pass the fence. Turn left, to follow a path that runs parallel to the road about 900 meters. When the path ends, cross the road to take another path to the left, which leads to the all-one track of the plot, in the vicinity of the GR 38, a term known as Las Balsámicas, from where we return to the town.


9,1 KM

5 hours and 10 min

600 m


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