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The Urkiola Natural Park grouped the higher ground of the Aramotz mountain range and is the stage of many stories, traditions and legends.

The rocks that form the Urkiola Natural Park is an area of great natural and scenic value that holds important cultural, historical and archaeological resources; smiths over time a rich folklore based on an extensive oral tradition, myths, legends and stories.

With the exception of the area of the Sanctuary, there is no nucleus inhabited in Urkiola, except the presence of isolated farms, scattered around the lower areas of the park. The farm or "baserri" represents the existence of a family or more, owners usually of a reduced size extension that with their own hands tills and cultivates, and which must necessarily inhabit beside.

Depopulation and the nature of the environment cause the existence of myths and legends, Mari being the best known in the area and the Basque Country. Mari is the personification of the earth and the queen of all geniuses.

The current sanctuary began in the late nineteenth century; it is a neo-romantic work that remained unfinished. The former church was demolished while leaving the tower built in 1870 that still stands. Parallel to the construction of the Sanctuary is the appearance of hermitages and areas to house visitors and pilgrims on pilgrimages.


The most important festivals are on January 17, the feast of San Antonio Abad, and on June 13, San Antonio Padua.

This park is an area of great pastoral tradition, so you can walk among groups of sheep, cows and horses...

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