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Ethnographic route in Zuia

Sarria - Honey Museum

Go through the forests of Zuia and discover that the rivers and the currents of the rivers go to the old mills, they help us to know what life was like for the people of Zuia and life in the hamlet.

For that we are going to approach SARRIA, where we will visit an old mill and know its operation.

After continuing sending, crossing an old bridge that has seen for centuries the water of the litter of the Gorbeo and that we took to an old laundry and from here an old “calero” (place where lime was made) where we talked about the handmade manufacture of the earth and that lost office of “calero” (lime artisan).


To complete, we will not enter the world of the beekeeper, an ancient task in Zuia and visit the honey museum in MURGIA.       


Guided tours can be done all year round. In addition to the proposed routes you can make visits adapted to the places that the visitor wants.

Tel. 945243828/645844087

Minimum group: 4 people.

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English




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