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Romanesque in Zuia and Urkabustaiz

Sanctuary of Gold - Beluntza - Goiuri - Baias Garagardotegia

From the valley of Zuia to Urkabustaiz, in the middle Ages a different type of Romanesque, rural, unique, with remains of the twelfth and thirteenth century in many of the churches of the region. On this visit we will discover the following places:

Our first stop is the SANTUARIO DE ORO, nestled in the most famous rocks of Zuia, something magical must have this place so that in the Iron Age man inhabited this mountain. The visitor will verify that the magic is in its own location, since few places exist with such privileged views.

Inside the chapel, the image of the Virgin, a jewel of the thirteenth century, rises on the heights of its Baroque altarpiece. Here we will discover the different phases of construction of the sanctuary.

Next we will discover BELUNTZA, with its beautiful Romanesque church and to finish, we will find ourselves in GOIURI, where three interesting places will surprise us; its Romanesque church of Santiago, the mill and the waterfall, one of the most precious natural sites of the group, a waterfall of 100 meters high, which drags the winds from the Gorbeia.


We do not want to close this route without submerging ourselves in the brewing of artisanal methods carried out by BAIAS GARAGARDOTEGIA.             


Guided tours can be done all year round. In addition to the proposed routes you can make visits adapted to the places that the visitor wants.

Tel. 945243828/645844087

Minimum group: 4 people.

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English




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