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The historic centres

Legutio - Ibarra (Aramaio) - Cheese factory

Involving ourselves in the protection of heritage is an effort of all the agents of society, and to be able to publicize the efforts made in our historic centers for their recovery is a fundamental lesson that we want to transmit to anyone who comes close to this route.

Legutio and Ibarra, two historic centers that have suffered a lot throughout their history, will cross our path and will tell us in detail what has happened over the centuries.

First of all, we will go to the historical center of LEGUTIO, very damaged during the last civil war, which will tell us what one day its ancient walls saw, heard and sealed in its walls.

Then we will leave to know the historical center of the so-called Alavese Switzerland (according to Alfonso XIII in one of his trips through these lands), ARAMAIO, in an environment plenty of legends, ancient villages, hermitages and mountains, the birthplace of such emblematic characters as Mari "The lady of Anboto" or "the Lord of Barajuen", protagonists of numerous legends.



To finish we will visit a cheese factory where we will have the opportunity to know in detail the ways of life and customs of the shepherd in Euskadi.   


Guided tours can be done all year round. In addition to the proposed routes you can make visits adapted to the places that the visitor wants.

Tel. 945243828 / 645844087

Minimum group: 4 people.

Languages: Spanish, Basque and English




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