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Guided Tours

Gorbeia West 

Route by car

The West Gorbeia route, introduces you to the most exuberant Gorbeia, where inaccessible limestone walls hide protected biotopes such as Itzina or waterfalls more than 100 meters away that will leave you with an open mouth like Gujuli's.

1. Orozko

Guided tour of the historical heritage of Orozko, cheese factory, jam production and local bread.​

2. Gujuli waterfall

Waterfall of more than 100 meters of height that offers splendid panoramic views towards the beech forest of Altube and the Gorbeia massif. To observe the waterfall there is a viewpoint which is reached by a path that goes to the right of the A-2521 road before arriving at Gujuli from Izarra or Vitoria-Gasteiz.​

3. Murgia

Guided or free tour of the town of Murgia and its places of interest such as Casa Bea-Murgia or Cruz del Oñacino to finish at the Casa Oregi, which houses the Honey Museum, where we will know the fabulous world of beekeeping and We will see where and how the honey produced in the Gorbeia area is produced.

4. Gold Sanctuary

Nestled in the most famous rocks of Zuia, something magical must have Gold so that in the Iron Age man inhabits this mountain. The visitor will verify that the magic is in its own location, since few places exist with such privileged views.

5. Parketxea Sarria, Interpretation Center

In Sarría, the Welcome and Interpretation Center of the Alava Park is located, which offers information on the possibilities offered by the Gorbeia Natural Park. It has ample parking and recreation area with tables and barbecues. From here you can take walks in the park.


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