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Guided Tours

Route 240 

Route by Car

Route 240 will take you to the heart of Gorbeia where you can discover a northern slope with very alpine landscapes and green meadows as well as swamps like Urrunaga with transparent waters under the Gorbeia skirts.

1. Areatza

Free visit to the old town declared Historic-Monumental Site of Areatza.

2. Zeanuri

Free visit to this town located in the Gorbeia skirts. It has remarkable buildings located in natural landscapes, ideal to spend a quiet day in contact with nature.

3. Wetland of Saldropo

The tranquility of a protected area like the wetland of Saldropo: a wetland, a recreational area, a space where you can enjoy the forest and the animals, where you can rest, walk, eat ...

4. Basque Pottery Museum

Located in the neighborhood of Ollerías in the town of Elosu (Legutio) it stands in a rural enclave of great natural beauty, between the Natural Parks of Urkiola and Gorbeia and on the banks of the Urrunaga reservoir. The guided tour of the Museum includes the permanent collection, the monographic exhibition, the visit to the old oven, the workshops where we will see work on the potter's wheel and the shop, where we can buy ceramic pieces.

5. Legutio

Its urban center lets glimpse the structure of the medieval towns. Around the old nucleus of Legutio, there are beautiful examples of farmhouses that respond to the typology of Basque-Atlantic rural architecture.

6. Urrunaga reservoir

The surroundings of the Urrunaga reservoir offer extraordinary panoramic views, to which the masses of beech and oak forests contribute, dotted by reed meadows that host an interesting fauna of waterfowl.


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