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Route through Orozko (PR-BI-35)

Zubiaur - Donibane - Santa Marina -Katadio - Zubiaur

Starting from the Zubiaur square and passing by the bridge, to go to the church of San Juan, which we will leave on our left taking a paved path. At a crossroads we will pass under the first variant and then the highway, to follow the track to reach the old church of San Juan in the neighborhood of Donibane, formerly called Duluman.

Following the track, after passing the Etxeluzea farmhouse, we have a junction on the left, through which we will climb a track cemented between oaks. If we followed the road, it would take us to the Udiaga neighborhood. Through this cemented track we will pass through the neighborhoods of Meatza and Sagarminaga that we will leave below to the right, to reach the neighborhood of Odeitzaga.

At this point the track loses the cement to continue on the stones. Continuing to ascend we will pass through a fountain about 500 m. and at 1,100 m. plus another one that is in a beech forest, where we will take to the left, leaving the track to the right that goes to the Elorritxugane. We reach the top of Arrola, where we find a refuge and the hermitage of Santa Marina whose festivity is celebrated on July 18.


This is a great watchtower from where we can see the entire municipality of Orozko as well as the summits of Jesuri, Elorritxugane, Untzueta, Anboto, Itxina and Gorbeia among the most important in addition to an innumerable amount of mountains and municipalities.

We will pass between the refuge and the hermitage to descend to the right (SE) passing the fence, descending first between argoma and pine and then enter a beech, reaching about 500 m., To a pass where crosses a dirt track. We will continue straight ahead through the upper part of the mountain, and 800 m. from the hill, we leave this track to cross the fence on the right and go down a grass track away from the Zubiaur valley.

After a kilometer on this track we will leave it in an area of ​​beech trees, to follow a little marked trail to go out to the Katadio neighborhood, next to the Hermitage of Santiago, where a "dust jacket" of half a century stands on its altar. XVI almost unique for our lands. Behind the hermitage we have a fountain and a cemented track through which we will descend. In one of its curves we can observe 9 different kinds of trees.

The track, which then becomes cement, leads us through a junction that goes to the Lakanduri neighborhood, but we will continue downhill crossing under the highway and off to the main road, where on the left, we will reach the neighborhood of Zubiaur and cross over the bridge, get to the square in front of the town hall.


10,5 KM

3 hours

520 m


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