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Route through Areatza ( PR-BI-9 ) 


The City Council of Areatza, in collaboration with Lamino Mendi Taldea, has prepared the small PR BI 9 route, 6.5 kilometers away, which starts from the church of Areatza. The characteristics of the route can be consulted in the panel located at the starting point, next to the church.

Departing from the municipality, the route crosses the Altamira district and reaches Launtzain (400 m); in that small route is the first source, called Pipa iturri.

Following the road, in the Birgun curve we can choose between the route that leads to the top of Mount Birgun, go towards Zeanuri or towards Pagomakurre; Following the signs, PR BI 9 continues its ascent.

In km 3.2 we will find another source, and km 4, however, we can contemplate a beautiful landscape and make use of another source. At this point, PR BI 9 leaves the track followed until then and enters two shortcuts.

At kilometer 5.2 we will arrive at Karkabitxueta, and at that point we must go to the right, towards Pagomakurre. At kilometer 5.4 we can enjoy a beautiful panorama that, on clear days, will show us the whole Arratia valley.

At kilometer 5.6, we will leave that track to go to a normally muddy mountain route, and at kilometer 6.5 we arrive at our destination, Pagomakurre.


6,5 KM

1 hour and 40 min

750 m


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