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Route through Urkabustaiz

Ostuño / Goiuri-Gujuli / Santorkari / Ostuño

The itinerary starts at the Ostuño park in Izarra, from where, following the indications of the GR 282, a narrow asphalted road is taken off to the right of the recreational area.

On this road, which we can point out as the main one, you can walk through “La Calzada “ mountain for 4 kilometers without fear of getting lost and enjoying a walk through a beautiful and peaceful enclave with magnificent examples of beech and oak.

To access the Gujuli waterfall, it is necessary to leave the main road approximately one kilometer from the beginning. At this point, take the track on the right which, following the indications of the GR 282, leads to the waterfall.

The return is made by the same site, until you get back to the main road on the mountain "La Calzada". On the way back from Gujuli you have to be especially careful not to pass a road on the right, located about 30 meters after crossing the road.


6,5 KM

1 hour y 45 min

67 m


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