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Route through Zuia

Murgia - Jugatxi - Jugo - Murgia

The tour begins in the center of Murgia. From the Bea-Murgia square and looking towards the church, take the Domingo de Sautu street in the direction of Vitoria-Gasteiz, until the vicinity of the Red Cross building. Before arriving and once you have passed the last house, take a path to the right that crosses the river Goba. A few meters away, take the first crossing on the left, following a steeply sloping path.

Follow the most marked path, reaching the hermitage of Jugatxi. To the right of this beautiful hermitage a well-marked track is taken that takes us to Jugo. When you get to the road in Jugo, turn right and just before reaching the church turn right again where you take a path to the wooded area, leaving one of the last hamlets of Jugo on the left.

Follow the path that runs parallel to the road along the edge of the beech and oak forest leaving the farms to the left. Two roads are left to the right until we find a fenced one that is left to continue on the right to connect with another road that continues to the left.

Continue along the road parallel to the farms leaving the crosses that go to the right, until you reach a fork where you take the path on the right that brings us to the “calero”. From there, follow the road to the left to reach the square.


5,4 KM

1 hour and 30 min

175 m


Ideal for


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